Street Football

There is one thing all great football players have in common with each other: they view a soccer ball as a toy, especially during their younger years.

In general, that is how you become great at something: by doing what you love to do. The more you like it, the more time you spend on it and the better you become. It is a vicious cycle.

You’ve probably heard of the 10.000 hours theory. According to the Psychologist Anders Ericson, 10.000 hours of practice are needed to achieve mastery.

At Total Soccer, we are a great advocate of street football. This means, playing football in an uncontrolled environment of mixed abilities and ages. It is the time when kids can play without the guidance of parents or coaches. They make their own rules and solve their conflicts without someone telling them what is right or wrong. They can play like that for hours without feeling burned out.

In the environment in which our players live, it is not always possible for children to go outside and play. Parents may have to organize a get-together so kids can meet up, however once the kids are at the same spot, we strongly encourage parents to step back. Let children choose the teams and the rules and just play. Don’t interrupt them, don’t try to push rules, let them figure it out. That is much more fun!

No uniform is necessary, bare feet are allowed. Parents can also play in the team, everyone is welcome. But keep STREET play in mind. No set rules. No need for a referee. Players decide what is fair.


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