Total Soccer wishes to give back to the community! Our goal is to share our knowledge, dedication and passion to football with a broader range of the Cayman Islands community. Therefore, we work on youth football development initiatives such as player’s sponsorship, coaching courses, tailored community programs and consulting programs.

In our first year, we have been successful in designing and providing many community programs and we are motivated to keep developing our programs to fit the community needs.


Contribute towards the further development of Youth Football across Cayman Islands by helping enhance the quality of coaching, training, local competition and international exposure. We believe that positive coaching and structured training translate to benefits that trespass the football field.


  • Promote discipline and resilience in young players life through a challenging and dynamic youth development football program
  • Expose players high level competition and try-outs abroad. Having as goal giving players a shot at professional football carriers and college scholarships abroad
  • Foster a sense of community by breaking down barriers that exist between many sections of society
  • Promote youth coaches’ communication to develop common goals for the benefit of overall youth development across the island


  • Grassroots football and general youth football at primary schools and football clubs across Cayman Islands
  • Coaching development training and brainstorming sessions

Our coaches are always open to feedback and brainstorming opportunities with any individual, parent, coach, organization interested in contributing to the enhancement of local youth football.

In conclusion, we have big aspirations, which means we would like to take on many projects. This requires a lot of work that we as a team cannot do on our own.

We are already supported by a team of dedicated and loyal volunteers. However, If you would like to become a volunteer yourself to support our community projects, please contact us.

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