Coaching Courses


Our coaching courses will provide you with valuable insights into the world of professional youth development. You will gain knowledge on how to coach better and support the development of your players from under 6 to open age. Our coaches will share their work experiences from Dutch professional football clubs with you. Because of their network in the international football world, they will also be able to share the latest ins and outs of youth professional coaching. Besides that we show how we teach at Total Soccer in the Cayman Islands.


Dutch Football Vision Wed 31 Oct 2018
Objectives and expectations Wed 21 Nov 2018
 Team tasks  Wed 9 Jan 2019/23 Jan 2019
Organizing (working in a year schedule) Wed 30 Jan 2019
Growth Mindset & Awareness  Wed 20 Feb 2019
Coaching moments Wed 13 March 2019
Athletic Skills Wed 3 April 2019
Implicit learning Wed 1 May 2019

Total soccer also provides tailored courses based on the needs of the coach or organization. We will listen to your specific concerns and provide tools and material accordingly.

Interested? Please contact us!

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