About Us

Our Method

Total Soccer fully focuses on developing the functional football technique of youth players. Our goal is to help players take full control over their skills so they can make the best possible decision in any game situation. Improving players’ basic techniques, creativity on the pitch and confidence are the focus of our training. We believe that the key for success is commitment, motivation, repetition and a strong relationship between players and player – coach.

Each player has a unique personality, qualities and playing style. Our coaches teach children to develop these traits in a goal-oriented manner. In this way, the players not only develop themselves technically and tactically but also in the areas of speed, power, coordination and explosiveness.  Our method brings out the best in players.

Players can then distinguish themselves on and off the field. This gives them confidence, satisfaction and extra value for the team during training sessions and games. In the end, the basic skills determine the level which a player reaches and what her or his speed of play is in the field.

Total Soccer offers a technical football program inspired by the Dutch football style and with a strong pedagogical approach. Our coaching staff uses a positive coaching approach and always fosters a growth mindset development with children .

Learning Is Winning

Our focus is on mainly teaching players to read the game, so they are able to take independent and effective decisions on the field.

We also aim to share our knowledge and experience with whoever is interested in learning about youth football. Total Soccer offers coaching courses, and other initiatives through out Cayman. Sharing knowledge will bring us further!

Serious Fun

What you can expect from us? Dynamic, challenging, serious and fun training session. No matter where we train, we offer a professional standard and expect age-appropriate commitment from players.

Total Soccer divides players in training groups according to ability and age. This contributes to enjoyable and challenging training sessions. Each player should be learning and having fun, regardless of skill level and age. Players are constantly challenged to reach their full potential due to dynamic training and competitive groups.